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Mashup Train Ride – Interactive Projection

The Mashup Train Ride – Interactive Projection is a software application developed by Fluid New Media Lab during the course of 8 weeks, in a workshop lead by teaching artists Sofia Paraskeva and Gabriel Roldos. Participants: Ellen Pearlman, Esmeralda Kosmatopoulus, Carlos Martinez, Miroslava Palavicini, Elizabeth Schwabe, Thelmo Cordones, Adriana Velasco and Paulina Ramirez, created video clips that relate to the experience of blending people from different cultures in or around trains.


We used Pure Data, a real-time graphical data-flow programming environment for audio, video, and graphical processing, to create an interactive software application that mixes videos when the environment sound levels are high (ex. a train passing). The art piece combines the video clips and the computer software in a projection that relates to the mashup of events someone can experience in a train ride.



The inaugural launches of this interactive projection was presented at Local Project Art Space and La Casita Comunal de Sunset Park, in a collaboration with eL Paper Magazine, where we joined forces to present art that have themes of the subway experience. We featured our interactive projection as a backdrop for poetry readings, and music performances.

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