(id)entidad di·vi·di·da

As part of Fluid New Media Lab‘s Storytelling workshop, a group of immigrants based in New York shared our personal stories through photographs, video and our own voice. My story is called “id:entidad dividida” (divided id:entity) and it surged from a personal need to explore my identity after being an immigrant in New York City for 10 years.

It’s a very intimate reflection about the effects of migration – it is like an exorcism. There is a satisfaction of being able to tell a story where some people can identify themselves and can reflect on the worlds that surround us. This is a stop on the road to collect pieces of my personal memory – to think about who we are and where we are going. It is an invitation to reflect on the particularities and feelings about contemporary issues as immigrants. Also, I am trying to show that another world is possible, for instance, friendship and family ties are more valuable than money or materialism. On a personal level, this story has helped me grow through introspective exploration; as an advocate it pushes me to continue building a better and just place for all; and as a visual artist it gives me the opportunity to utilize different mediums to raise social awareness.

Subtitled version – Coming Soon!

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