Every Day Labor Day

“Latin American countries have different holiday traditions, however, as soon we arrive in USA we have to focus on working, studying, making art and surviving. Many holidays just pass by us without notice. We do not have the chance to enjoy it until we realize how far we are from our home and how involved we have become with this new culture and country that is now our new home.

Labor Day is a crucial holiday for immigrant artists. It represents more than a celebration for workers. How many of us have worked on a holiday? Probably all of us. For that reason we want to make this holiday a special day for all the artist workers that many times have to sacrifice their artistic practices in order to make some money to support their artistic endeavors.

Featured artists and musicians will exhibit and perform pieces related to this common reality and proclaim the importance and crucial participation of foreign laborers in today’s United States economy and society.”

* Curator: Renzo Ortega

Latin Labor Day, weekend art festival is part of Beach Box Summer Series at White Box.

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