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Arte Social | A-Lab Forum

This month’s forum focuses and explores social engagement through the arts. Invited artists work in the public sphere generating collaboration, interaction and participation of people residing, visiting or simply passing by a community. Guest artists present documentation of their works, talk about their social practice and participate in an open forum to discuss art production in connection with social, economic, demographic, and cultural concerns. In addition, ARTE SOCIAL will propose the collaboration of attending audience in the creation “Olla Comun” (Communal Pot), a one day public event related to economies of food production and consumption to take place in November for Shifting Communities Roundtable Series at Bronx River Arts Center. Artists working in various forms and using various media are highly encouraged to participate.

Participating Artists:
Beatriz A. Gil
Carlos Martinez
Tattfoo Tan

A-Lab is an independent initiative supported by QMAD, Queens Media Arts Development.
A-Lab Forum presentations are made possible by QMAD in collaboration with our hosting venue Crossing Art Gallery.

About A-Lab Forum:
In April 2010, A-Lab introduced the Forum, a series of monthly discussions designed as an opportunity for artists working in various media to present their work, share their visions, and exchange ideas in relation to selected topics and concepts in the field of art production, collaboration, and critical thinking.

Each forum consists of presentations by five artists, followed by a discussion period with the curator and attending audience. Participating artists are identified and selected by the curator / facilitator from a pull of entries for that month. Presenting artists are selected by invitation and through a city wide open call. The forums are open to the general public.

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